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Become a pro at coding robots.

Introducing a brand new online learning platform where you will learn 

to code and make a robot in simple, easy steps.

What's in the first course?

  1. An Intro to Arduino - learn the basics and complete fun challenges with the popular getting started programming board
  2. Electronics - learn how to connect components that you will need to make your first robot
  3. Inputs - learn how to make your arduino robot react to you
  4. Put it all together and make and code your first robot!!

What's coming up?

  1. Making things move - learn about motors and control

  2. Build a robot - put together what you have learnt and create a moving robot with flashing lights and much more
  3. Sensors- Give your robot eyes and ears!
  4. Get connected - fun bluetooth and wireless projects
  5. Python for robotics 

Course Features

No Rambling, straight into making

We use an easy, step by step approach. You will learn things as & when you need them in small amounts. So you're not overloaded and will have things working very quickly.

Gorgeous 3d Animations

Building circuits and following along with code can be complicated. We've made it simple with interactive images that show clearly how things are connected.

Experienced Authors

The course material has been written and developed by experienced robotics teachers and makers. Much of it has been tested in real, live workshops.

Who should take this course

The courses are designed for anyone 10 years and over with an interest in making, desiging, science, maths, engineering, technology, art, ICT or any other related subject.


If your kids are excited about robots or technology and play with lego, mecanno or anything similar, these courses are a good way to encourage that interest and stimulate them further.


If you enjoy making things and like using technology but want to learn how to make robots and other projects that react to light, sound, movement etc. then sign up, these courses will teach you everything you need to know. It will help you to start putting a portfolio together for a college/university course too.


If you are looking to improve your programming skills and want to make your computing lessons more practical and inspiring you can use these courses, work through them yourself or use them in your lessons to teach computing.

Start making today - 7 day money back guarantee

Below is pricing for individuals, if you are a school or organisation please get in touch for education pricing


  • Access to first course
  • Intro to Arduino
  • Intro to electronics
  • 1 circuit set up
  • 1 basic program/coding example
£49 (single payment for first course)
  • All of free plus
  • Build a fully working robot
  • More challenges and answers
  • Electronics starter course
  • Access to updates and new content when added
  • Email support
  • Certificate!
£2995 per month
  • Access to all courses
  • Advanced electronics
  • Intermediate to advanced coding
  • Build and code numerous different projects
  • Certificate!

Need an Arduino?

Arduino starter kit for course

This kit contains everything you need for the first part of the course and to do some of your own challenges. It contains the following items:

Official Arduino Board


3 LEDs

3 pushbuttons

Required resistors and jumper wires

USB Cable

If you find that this kit or the course is not right for you, let us know within 7 days, post it back to us and you will get a full refund.





Our mission

We have made these courses with the aim of empowering both kids and adults blah blah blah.... 

Yeah ok, its really because ITS FUN. 

Making things that move, sense and knock things over is awesome. 

We made these courses to show you how to do just that. 

Learning lots of skills is important, but it should be interesting and relevant and allow you to make and design your own projects afterwards. 

So, if you agree with our mission, please sign up, start making and share this page.

Who is the course made by?

An experienced & knowledegable team

Ms Zan Nadeem

Robotics Teacher

Zan spends her spare time learning new programming languages, usually surrounded by robots and various other creations. She has been teaching robotics workshops for the past nine years and holds a 1st class degree in Robotics.

Mr Roman Fomov

Professional Engineer/Maker

A true maker at heart and massive arduino fan. Roman can make any project imaginable - and usually does - that's why he's part of the team here at Restech. His knowledge and passion for making are an important part of the robotics courses and his content and ideas are truly inspirational.

Mr Vladica Milanovic

3d Artist

Our expert on visuals, Vlad is awesome at 3D artistry. You can't have fun without a splash of art and creativity. Vlad brings colour, beauty and elegance to the robotics courses helping with our aim of keeping the learning enjoyable and easy to absorb.

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