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Arduino Starter Kit

One of the best ways to get older kids and school students into making robots and programming is to use an arduino starter kit.

Starter kits are great because they come with a range of components and some example circuits to build, which give kids a good starting point to really grasp and understand the concepts behind arduino and programming in general.

The arduino starter kit that we have in our robot shop is designed and put together by Make. It comes with a guide and enough components to get started and write some basic programs.

Once your child or school students have worked through this, we recommend asking them to design their own circuits - perhaps by combining some- and programming it themselves from scratch.

The next step is then to get onto building some actual robots. A good robot chassis kit is a good starting point, they will need to look at some motor control for this (we will write an article on this shortly) but a good place to start is to google L293d motor control.

They can start with a simple arduino robot and then progress and add sensors, blutooth/wifi and even start on their own robot apps!

How to use in schools?

We recommend buying a few of these atleast as they are brilliant for the classroom, even if you have a small budget, the kits are good for group work or a STEM club if you want to target a specific set of students.

How to use at home?

This makes a great gift for children interested in computers, ICT and, of course, programming. The guide is pretty good, but do get in touch if you need a hand.