Arduino Tutorial 1: An Introduction

Arduino is a small board, with electronic pieces on it that are all connected together as a circuit, the circuit also includes a microchip that can be programmed.

A microchip is a collection of small components and circuits inside a box that when given certain instructions will behave in a certain way (we will explain that more soon, but for now that's enough to get started)

So lets take a closer look at the arduino uno board:
Input and output pins - this allows you to connect LEDs (lights, like in the picture), Sensors, Motors etc.
LEDs are little light bulbs that can be put into circuits. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and they come in a massive range of colours!!
We speak Geek and translate it into English for everyone else
This is a USB port, use your USB cable to connect it to your computer, the square end goes into this port and the normal end goes into your computer
If you haven't got one already you can buy an arduino board or starter kit here
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