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A new range of product that lets students see, touch and move their code.

"Yes we have been using the cards recently whilst delivering a Scratch unit of work. During the nice weather we have taken the students outside and worked with the cards on the playground. I really enjoy teaching with them as there are few products for computer science that get the students active, moving around and using a variety of their senses." Head of ICT, Ormskirk School

                                Trust the experts, computing doesn't happen at the screen.

What kids need to learn when coding

There is always debate as to which programming language students should learn, which language is the most modern, which is the easiest to learn and so on. 

But, really, most of that is irrelevant.

Different programming languages are suited for different things, some companies will only stick to a particular type, or even have their own custom language they use.

What's important, is teaching kids how to program.

What does that mean?

Taking a task, breaking it down into steps and then working out which instructions or pieces of code will do those steps.

All programming languages have the same fundamental building blocks: If statements/Decision making, arrays or lists, loops/iteration, maths functions etc. they might look a bit different depending on the language used, but the skill kids need is to know when and how to use each of those blocks. 

That is why we have developed a set of products that do just that.

Teach your students to plan

Using the cards, students have to think through and read through their programs.

What do you need?

Students have to declare their variables and decide on what hardware they need...just like real programming

Decision or process?

Starting with a flowchart means students understand their program before they write it...not the other way round!

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