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Getting kids started with electronics

Here at Restech, we feel that electronics is slightly overlooked, particularly in schools.

That is a bit of a generalisation, as we personally know some schools that do lots of electronics and soldering, mostly in their D&T lessons.

But with the changes to the computing curriculum and so much focus on programming, everyone seems to have forgotten the importance of understanding basic circuits and knowing where this fits in, particularly for robotics.

It is covered somewhat in physics, but giving students the chance to work on a project, design, make and solder their own pcb is not very common in schools at present.

Yet to take the computing curriculum to the next level, and to really make students into the creative thinkers of tomorrow they need to get comfortable with topics in robotics and this includes electronics.

Electronics can be a difficult subject to grasp, especially when trying to learn from a book. The best way, and the way Restech's staff have learnt so much is by getting hands on with electronics components, giving them a poke, giving them a spark and seeing what happens.

Of course this needs to be done in the safest way possible and one of the easiest ways to ensure that is to use an electronics starter kit. A good one will have clear instructions and a set of circuits that kids will be guided through.

We currently supply the velleman electronics kit for beginners, check it out here. If you have any questions about learning electronics or robotics, do get in touch.