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How to make a robot for kids and beginners

             April, 2014
So this is something we get asked a lot and also something that parents and teachers have a hard time getting their heads around.

The main reason for this is because when you say robot the first thing you need to clarify is what type of robot? To do this, you then need to clarify more things:

What will it look like?

Will it have wheels?

Does it need sensors?

What tasks will it do?

And of course, if you're new to the world of robots these questions are pretty hard to answer.

So, here's what we propose:

Like with everything else, lets start really simple. Unlike everything else, we're going to ignore the fact that we are building a robot to begin with - sounds weird, we know, but just go with us on this.

Lets say to begin with, we want something that will move around. The simplest way to do this is to use two wheels with a motor attached to each wheel, this will be our drive system.

Of course, it needs to be powered, again lets keep it simple, we will use some standard AA batteries as these are available everywhere.

From this we can make a shopping list:

2x motors
2x wheels
Some batteries

The next question: How is it all going to join together? Go to the next part of this guide to find out.