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How to make a robot for kids and beginners

             April, 2014
A chassis is the word used to describe the base and/or outward shell of the robot, the bit that holds or covers all the parts of the robot.

As with most things to do with robots and electronics, you have a few choices when it comes to choosing a chassis.

- Make your own - we'll cover this in a separate guide
- Buy one that's ready made
- Buy a kit

As this guide is for kids and complete newbies, we will start with the fastest and easiest option, buy a robot chassis kit that includes the parts from our shopping list.

We will be starting with this lovely little chassis from Arexx, as its pocket money friendly, quite easy to find and shouldn't take too ling to build.

It also has space to add a controller - the bit that will actually make it a robot, which we'll get to a bit later.