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Making robots

You know what's funny? One of the reasons we started Restech is because we wanted to share our enjoyment from making and programming robots with kids.

And we do. Often.

We work with hundreds of kids regularly and pass on lots of robot making skills in our workshops for schools and sometimes in our daily interactions.

This is really cool.

But for some reason, we haven't had much time to actually make our own robots - you know, just for fun.

Sure we build some as a class set, like our arduino robot. But they are for teaching and we have to be careful that they are usable by young padawans and work all of the time and are maintained etc.

So, here at Restech, we have decided that we will find time, to design and make our own robot projects, just for fun.

We will of course be sharing our projects so watch this space for updates and our YouTube channel of course 'Restech robots for kids'.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas or suggestions for things you'd like to see us make or try out, do let us know.

Some of our ideas so far:

Keypad controlled, wireless robot - not very original, but fun to run around the office

App controlled robot - we've not made apps before, so this will be a learning curve.

Voice control project - this one is a bit of a surprise, so hang in there

UAV Helicopter - this is going to be tricky

Smart room/office space - connected to the internet so it will do stuff automatically whilst we are busy teaching, haven't quite figured it out yet…

Restech's version of Jarvis from Iron Man - now that's a project!