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Restech's range of wooden robot kits

Robomech and other members of this wooden, mechanical family are hugely popular at the moment.

Lets take a closer look.

Each of these kits are fairly simple to make, the pieces are pre punched and so snap together nicely. They all have at least one motor, some gearing and batteries.

They are designed to be a fun challenge for kids in primary schools. Not too difficult but achievable in a short amount of time.

The end result might be a cute little train or fierce looking robot humanoid.

This set of kits is great for showing children the workings of mechanical objects and sparking their interest in STEM.

How to use in school?

We would recommend these for a couple of Friday afternoon activities, probably in pairs (or individual if you have the budget).

The first where they put the kits together and get them working, with some discussion about how they work and why the gears are important.

The second to paint and personalise them, kids love making something their own and what better way, to make each one truly unique, than with a splash of colour?

How to use for kids as a parent?

This makes a great parent/child activity and a lovely surprise present. Great to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon and over time perhaps collect each one and put them on display in the bedroom.