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Sending kids to robot or coding clubs

Parents are always on the lookout for interesting clubs to send their children to and robot building or coder clubs are increasing, in Bristol, London and several other cities across the UK.

But how do you know if it's worth sending your children - are they learning the right stuff? Or are they just following some instructions and not really learning how to make robots.

Who is the club run by? Are they robotics specialists? Can they actually teach? (If the kids say it feels like school, this isn't really a good indication, as it means its not much fun!)

The best robot building clubs keep the kids engaged and of course coming back.

What about the kits and resources that they are using? The kits don't necessarily have to be brand new or part of the latest trend - sometimes marketing can blur the line between things that are actually good for learning programming and those that are really not necessary or not as good as they are made out to be. (raspberry pi, ahem).

What you should look at is whether the equipment being used is suitable for the age of the kids and of course their ability. If your child is already a keen and able programmer is he being challenged and able to advance? If your child is a beginner, are they being started at the right level?

If you need more information about finding a robot making club or advice on what type of robot kits are best, then do get in touch.

For those of you based in Bristol, ask about our iLearning, how to make a robot for kids.