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Robot toys are great for kids 

                                                                         February, 2014
Nowadays, a kid has a wide range of choices when it comes to toys - but some of the most fun toys out there are robots. Both kids and adults find robots interesting and are generally fascinated with this whole idea of controlling the movements of a little machine. So if you're looking for something to get your kid, it would be a great idea to consider a robot. The neat thing about this is that there is so much variety in the world of robots, and thus you will almost certainly find something you're looking for - and something that your kid would truly enjoy. Fair enough, you say. But what is it about robots that make them the perfect toys for kids?

Ah, good question! To be sure, a whole lot of answers could be made to this question, but let's examine a few of them. First off, kids can get wildly creative with robots. Kids are creative by nature, and robots are the perfect complement to their drive to do something unique. For instance, something as simple as a robot arm can be used for all sorts of fun activities - whether it's using it to write something on a piece of paper or making it open a door for you (somehow!). The point here is that a robot in your child's hands means that he or she will be able to exercise creativity in a fun way. Perhaps your kid would like to decorate the robot, too, and change its colors. The possibilities of what a kid can do with a robot are pretty endless. This in itself makes robots ideal for kids, but robots are also a valuable learning tool. Robots are excellent teachers (well, they aren't actually humanoid teachers - yet) - playing around with a robot can give insight into the mechanics of moving objects, how electronics work, and so on. Robot kits are also fantastic learning tools, since the child must take the time to understand how to build the robot. Alternatively, the parts could just be cobbled together with the hope that the robot will work - there's absolutely nothing wrong with this, and it's a great way to experiment with robotics. When one consider all these aspects to robots, it becomes clear that a robot is something a kid would really like. There's a reason why kids love so many robot movies - whether it's The Iron Giant or WALL-E.

Let's take a quick journey into our own robot store, and maybe you'll get some idea of what you're looking for. Does your kid love dinosaurs and robots (that's a perfect combination right there)?  Take a peek at our tyranno-mech-a-saurus! Building this little robot-dinosaur hybrid is very straightforward, and there won't be any soldering involved. The pieces just need to be put together and bazinga! Your kid is now the proud owner of a tyranno-mech-a-saurus.

Then there's an electronic kit we have for you that will allow your child to explore the enchanting land of electronics. Of course, electronics is a huge part of building robots, so giving your child the opportunity for a head start in learning electronics is not a bad idea.

Interested in something more humanoid? You'll be pleased to meet Robo Mech, a bipedal mechanical robot that features arms that can swing upward, legs that can walk (of course), and batteries. This robot is easy to assemble, and again, no soldering is needed, which means that even a young child can put this together.

There are plenty of other robots, too, that you'll find in our store. For example, there's a follow-me robot that will look in your direction whenever you clap. There's also a Moway kit that is an effective tool to learn about programming. Check it out!
By now you've probably noticed that there is a great deal of variety in the pricing of robot kits. The Moway kit is £180, whereas the tyranno-mech-a-saurus is £12.99. The price of a robot kit is often a good indicator of what kind of robot you'll be getting. “Smarter” robots tend to be more expensive, and robots that can move around are likewise pricier than stationary robots.
Robots in the price range of £12 to about £30.00 will generally have the following features:
o Movement of at least one part of the robot. The whole robot might also be capable of moving from one location to another.
o Examples of robots in this price range include the tyranno-mech-a-saurus, Robo Mech, and the follow-me robot, as well as the electronics kit.

On the other hand, you'll probably find the following characteristics in robots in the price range of £30.00 to £70.00:
o Certain programmable robots (like our Arduino kit) will fall into this price range, as will robot parts like motors.
o You can also find Arduino kits in this price range. 
Want a highly sophisticated robot? If so, expect to pay more than £100.00 (our Moway kit is £ 180.00). Robots in this category will either have more power or more brains (or both) than other robots. Buying one of these robots could possibly get you Just A Rather Very Intelligent System (but don't forget that Iron Man is a billionaire, so he can have stuff like that).

Hopefully, you now have an idea of what kind of robot your kid would be interested in - and how much that robot might take out of your wallet. This article didn't cover everything we have, so please browse around our store - and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!