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Finally, a simple solution

Now robots in the classroom are accessible to all 

Why should I buy this? In a nutshell

Computing Unplugged with a robot

The first stage of programming with this kit requires no computer. Yep, robot lessons without technical glitches and there is no software for you to learn.

No prep time

You don't have time to faff around, find bits and pieces, set up new stuff. With Urbot, you don't have to. It works straight out of the box, lessons require no prep, time or hassle.

Real Progression

This kit starts off simple, many stages can be done without a computer and teach all of the important concepts: algorithms, debuggng, code flow and data manipulation. When you're ready, you can move onto scratch or a script based program.

The only kit you'll need

This kit will cater for KS1, KS2 and KS3. You'll need one kit and one kit only. There are no small parts that will go missing over time that will need to be replaced.

Different Chassis

Make a robot car, robot arm, robot fighter and much more. Easy to put together, easy to get up and running.

Teaches Flowcharts and Psuedo Code

To use the kit, students have to put together flowcharts and/or pseudo code. No more diving into code that they don't understand. Let's start with the fundamentals to build a solid programming foundation.


Even with the extra accessories, getting a class set of these won't break your budget. Nice.

App/Microbit compatible

Yep, its got bluetooth so your students can make apps for this or control it with the Microbit. Cool.

Request a no obligation demo - name of school and school email required

Thanks for getting in touch, we'll get back to you shortly.

Stop wasting your budgets!

The raspberry pi is not the answer to the computing curriculum.

Some of the other robot/programming kits are fine, but most have one or more of these problems:

- They are expensive

- Take a long time to learn and/or set up

- Software changes just when you've got the hang of it

- They aren't aligned to your curriculum

- They are not easy or quick to set up for use with a large class

- Bits and pieces go missing - lessons ruined, more cost

Urbot solves these problems, book a demo now to find out more

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