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Why robot toys are one of the best gifts for your kids.

December, 2014

With the rising trend of digital makers, maker spaces and coding, most parents are probably wondering how to ensure their children don't miss out on the changing trends in education.

These trends are important, as there are so many skills that are developed from tinkering with electronics and programming. The ability to break down a large problem into smaller parts, using maths to represent solutions, creating and trying out different ideas.

More than that, and something we have seen first hand here at Restech, through our workshops for schools, is the resilience that it builds up in young kids.

It is so unlikely that the first program you write will work perfectly, there is usually at least something that doesn't work quite the way it should.

But that's ok, and kids start to understand that. It is ok if it doesn't work the first time, as long as you go back and figure out what was wrong and fix the problem. There is so much learning and confidence building in relatively short amounts of time.

This is why robot toys or programmable robot kits are one of the best gifts - not just for Christmas, any time throughout the year - that you can buy for your children.

And, no, they don't have to be expensive.

Some robot toys start from around £10, and they're great for getting started with mechanics and electronics.

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