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Why robotics education is important for kids

Robotics is no longer a science fiction term. The 21st century is starting to see a quick advancement in the technology surrounding robotics. Twenty years ago, robots had limited mobility and basic motor functions.

Nowadays, robots are so advanced that they can actually have conversations with people and move on their own to farther distances. In fact, there is a robotics system being tested out in retirement communities across the northeastern United States called “GoCart.” This is a robot that brings meals to residents of the community on its own by using advanced sonar technology and laser sensory projection. In twenty more years, who knows where robotics may lead.

If we are going to advance further into the future with robotics then we need to start by educating our kids on it. Studies have shown the earlier you educate a person in science and engineering, the more they will be susceptible to that knowledge and advance in it as they get older. Robotics education for children will guarantee that our future will see new advancements in robotics technology. To get children started in this education, teachers must first make it interesting and fun for students to learn about it. After all, if you start giving children scientific textbooks with dozens of chapters on robotics then they will lose interest in a heartbeat. Instead, children must be exposed to real life robots and see how impressive and fun they can be. For example, you could have a robot play a game of checkers with a student to get them interested in the technology. You could also have the robots help students solve their math problems. Things like this will make kids want to know more about robots, so they can learn how to make them do more advanced functions.

Robotics education should start in elementary/primary school and continue on through high/secondary school. By then, students will have enough interest in robotics to the point where they will actually want to build a robot from scratch and make it function the way they want it to. This is the way robotics will advance further. Then when these students get to a university level of robotics education, they may already have enough knowledge to build a robot that will change the world forever. That is why we need to start implementing robotics into the educational curriculum of schools all across the country or else we will fall behind.