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iLearning: fun robot building sessions for kids aged 10-14.
If you are looking for ways to enhance your child's education, iLearning sessions are perfect. Set in various, exciting locations, your child will learn how to make robots and develop a large range of skills. No experience is necessary and students of all abilities are welcome.

We offer a fun, safe, enjoyable atmosphere, where our young roboteers make friends and solve challenges- is your child part of it yet?
Hands on activities                  
Evenings and Weekends   
Exciting, safe locations
Range of robotics kits
Fun, friendly tutors
Design, build and program robots
Acquire Teamwork and Social Skills
Increase confidence and self esteem
Prepare for exciting careers
As standard
Improve Maths and Science Skills
Learn and develop as individuals
Solve challenges and achieve success
See future technology
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"Our daughter has enjoyed working with her partner to design and program their team robot"

"...He is a bit of a perfectionist and has found team work tricky - this has helped"


Explore. Create. Understand.

How learning should be.
Design and build

Complete tasks and objectives

Current and future technology
Estimate and measure

Advanced thinking

Improve methods and concepts
Explain problems and progress

Present ideas and solutions

Ask the right questions
Use gears levers and pulleys

Power transfer and motion

Dynamics and kinematics
Think logically and intuitively

Creative problem solving

Try different solutions
Consider aesthetics with function

Create interactive designs

Find the best solution

Play and explore, the best kind of learning

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Xytronic soldering iron

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