So what’s happened to Restech?

Restech started as a dream back in 2008.


That dream was to inspire and engage as many students as possible with Robotics.

Why Robotics?

Because its really fun!


How often do kids come into school, and get to mess around with lego robotics kits and experiment with writing programs and building different robotics projects?


Not often enough.

Play is important for education and not just in early years.



If you don’t agree with that, if you believe that education is all about learning from a textbook and ‘doing as you’re told’ and learning for the sake of a grade, well, maybe this blog isn’t the place for you.


IF however, you believe that children need to develop problem solving skills, that real life work is nothing like the current education system and you agree that kids should have access to lots of different ways of learning – please stick around!


Mistakes happen, failure happens and that’s how we learn. Robotics and Programming is a fantastic way to develop resilience for mistakes and failure and learning how to put things right.




Did the dream happen?






For over a decade, I worked with schools across most of England and Wales – Sorry Scotland, just couldn’t drive that far – running hundreds of Robotics projects, workshops, clubs and worked with thousands of truly amazing students and school staff.



For several reasons, I’ve decided its time to stop travelling so much and focus more on some other interests which include writing online blogs.



I also want to find ways to reach more students and schools, so it makes sense to move things online.


I figure the best thing to do with Restech is turn it an online blog and directory to help more kids, parents and school staff to find robotics activities and resources.

So please do make use of the search functionality of this site and let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

If you are Robotics Educator and want to display your robot workshops, online shop or any of your services please get in touch.

I’m also accepting guest posts for most things robotics related, so if you’re making waves or doing anything interesting in the field of robotics that might help to inspire young learners, please send me your story!