But less scary. 


Or Robo Cop.




But not always that extreme.

You’ve probably noticed that robots have been in the media for decades.



And so, our expectations of what robots can do is likely influenced by fictional movies and books.

If you’re expecting robots to take over the world some day, its because that’s the story we’ve been told the most.


But robotics is not just about building an evil version of ourselves.

Robotics is designing, building, programming, and working with robots.



Most robots are created to entertain us -like robot pets – or to help us out, like robotic vacuum cleaners warehouse robots and medical robots.



And what is a robot?


A machine – usually programmable- that can carry out a set of tasks by itself, automatically.



Here are some great examples:

Lego Robotics


15 Robots for you’ll probably soon have in your home




Robotics for kids



Robotics is an amazing activity for kids to get involved in. I know I’m biased, but it really does cover a range of

fantastic skills and helps young people widen their opportunities.




Robotics is also a great way to keep your kids busy over the half term and school holidays.



Depending on where you live there may be some robotics workshops running that your children can attend – check out our events page.



If not, you can always bring robotics into your home by using robot-making kits.

Lego Robotics


As if you need more reasons to love Lego, they have been making robotics kits for kids for over a decade.

You can see their latest range of robotics kits here.

Why is Lego a good choice for robotics?

They have a range of kits for different age groups.

Each kit provides options for building and programming with different difficulty levels.

The lego mindstorms series has been around for a long time so is a robust and reliable kit.

Lego run competitions for young students which are a great way to meet other kids and experience new things.

I taught with lego robotics kits for a long time and would highly recommend 🙂

Have you used any??