Are Robotics kits for kids worth it?




But it does depend on what you buy and what you hope to achieve.


Here are my top 3 recommended robotics kits, below I go into more detail about why I recommend them which age group they are best for and what each kit can and can’t do.


1. Arduino

2. Lego Mindstorms




Lego Mindstorms:


These amazing kits have been around for years. When I first started teaching robotics in schools I started with the classic yellow RCX Brick:



Please do comment if you ever used that or are still using it now, I would love to hear about your projects!


After the RCX lego robotics got a massive makeover and the Mindstorms NXT was an absolutely amazing robotics kit.



This was followed by the equally brilliant Lego Mindstorms EV3 – you can see some great projects here.