Why Robotics?


Here at Restech, we are welcoming a change in education. A change where children have more time to play and freedom in their learning.

Using a theory and test based curriculum is becoming a thing of the past. Fostering creativity in children and developing their emotional IQ as well as showing them how to learn, as opposed to learning facts for exams, is becoming more and more important. 

Many teachers, parents and schools, want to include more practical activities in their child’s education. One enjoyable way to do this, is to use Robot Workshops or Robotics STEM kits.

Robotics is hugely relevant right now. This new technology is having an impact which will continue to increase as time goes on.

Restech stands for Robotic Educational Systems and Technologies.

Our mission is to create an online platform that will help teachers, parents and students to find the best robotics kits and resources that will meet their needs. We want to help you to begin learning robotics or to further increase your knowledge.

We are unique because we have been teaching robotics in schools for the past decade. We have seen the change and challenges that the computing curriculum has brought about, and have helped thousands of students and teachers to overcome these challenges and develop their skills. Our knowledge, experience and expertise is unrivalled.

Now we want to use this expertise to help you make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing robotics and STEM kits or organising robotics based enrichment activities.

We hope that you will find our website useful and please do get in touch to say hi or sign up to our newsletter.

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