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Who are we?

Restech stands for Robotics Education Systems and Technology.

It was founded by Zan Nadeem in 2011 after she graduated with a 1st Class Robotics Degree.

Since then Restech has won numerous awards and has worked with over 10,000 students across almost one hundred schools, with most being repeat customers.

During this time, we have seen lots of expensive kit, unused, collecting dust in school cupboards. This is sometimes because the teachers don't have enough time or the expertise to use the equipment and integrate it into their curriculum. It can also be because the kit didn't have the required features to meet their needs in the classroom.

To help eradicate this problem, we need a platform where teachers can find the kit that is worth purchasing and also access the training and support required so that their students benefit from the full value of the purchase.

Restech's mission is to become that platform, helping teachers to have a clear idea on what to purchase, which resources offer the best value and how it will help them to achieve their curriculum objectives.

We will provide a link to providors and suppliers that meet a set of criteria so that teachers are given honest and unbiased guidance on what products and services will be the most useful to them.

160 Aztec West
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Email: hello@restech.org.uk
Phone: 0117 21 41 587

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