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How to make and program a robot - Part 2

You should have a ready to use chassis - if you haven't please read part 1 before continuing

Here's the one we will be using for this guide: 

Robot Chassis intro from Zobotics

Here is a quick video from one of our sponsors, Zobotics, talking you through a basic robot chassis.

This is the one we will be using in this guide.

STEP 2: Choose a brain, batteries and motor driver

We will be using Arduino for this as its quick and easy to get started with.

To control DC motors using an Arduino you need a piece of hardware called a motor driver.

Motor drivers are necessary because motors require a lot of current, whereas controller boards like the arduino run on very low current.

So the motor driver acts as an interface between the controller board and the motor providing the necessary current and control signals that make the motor run. 

There are lots of different types of motor drivers, two popular ones are the L298N and L293D.

We will be writing a more detailed guide soon, but there is some fantastic information here at SPRobotics too:

We will keep the power simple with this one and use 4 x AA batteries.

STEP 3: Wire it up

This is possibly the hardest part of robotics. How do you figure out how to connect stuff and where things should be plugged in??

We will talk you through some of the basics in part 3, coming soon...


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