Education Robot Kits

Arduino for the Classroom

Arduino Review A programmable microcontroller board, with a lot of scope. We are big fans of using Arduino for teaching, for a number of reasons. It is not the same as the Raspberry pi, although some of the things it can be used for are similar, which sometimes causes some confusion. All of our reviews […]

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Education Robot Kits

How to implement Robotics into your curriculum

Although Robotics can be a complex subject, adding robotics activities to your syllabus doesn’t need to be. If you are thinking about adding robotics to your curriculum, in the form of workshops or purchasing kits, I highly recommend you speak to other experienced teachers first. I have been to many schools where the wrong equipment […]

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A new normal for schools, now is the time

This pandemic has, of course, impacted our society, economy and education system in many different ways. There is so much talk about a new normal, which is great. When bad things happen it is an opportunity to change, create goodness, rekindle hope and find new ways to prosper. It gives us a chance and reminder […]

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7 things to consider when buying a robotics kit

What to look for when buying robotics kits for education By Zan Nadeem, posted September 12th 2019 Robotics kits can be an amazing addition to your curriculum and add whole new depth of learning during your computing lessons. However, with limited budgets, time and staff, its important to make an informed decision when it comes […]

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